Ever wondered how #Travchat actually works?

Wonder no more!

On May 4th, 2016 Twitter very kindly chose our Off-the-Beaten-Path chat to be one of their featured Twitter ‘Moments’.

Pretty cool & humbling for our little chat to be categorised at that time as one of…

“the biggest stories in the world…”

Travchat Twitter Moment

So what happens on a #Travchat?

If you have never joined in one of our weekly chats before the summary below by Twitter themselves is a great sampler of what we do.

We are a community of Travellers talking Travel!

Each Wednesday as @30_Summers we set six chat questions. Then our community from around the world share their own opinions, experiences, suggestions and photos. It’s a global conversation about what we all love – Travel!

See an example below of how the chat flows. And click here for the background behind why we started #Travchat in May, 2015.