How Street Art Chat (#streetartchat) works.

Founded & hosted by @30_Summers and @street_art_chat the Twitter #streetartchat is held the last Sunday of each month. The four questions for each 30 minute Chat can be found on this page the day of the chat and will be Tweeted out during the Chat.

To join the conversation simply use the Hashtag #streetartchat and share your feedback, observations, photos and comments. These will then appear in the Chat stream.

Each of our four questions will be tweeted out with the prefix: Q1, Q2, Q3 & Q4. To answer simply begin your tweet with A1, A2, A3… etc.


Q1 Who is your favourite street artist? #streetartchat

A1 Rone from Australia or Roa from Belgium #streetartchat

Click this link to find out what time 10am (GMT) Sunday is in your city.

  • LON – 10am 
  • SYD – 7pm 
  • HKG/ SIN – 5pm 
  • IST – 230pm 
  • JNB – 11am

You can see how a chat works by seeing our sister chat – #travchat – in action.

May’s Topic.

Copy of Copy of STREET ART CHAT (5)


Q1 Who is one of you all-time-fav #streetartists. Why do you love their work & please share some of their #streetart. #streetartchat

Q2 Please share some #urbanart from your own city that you love. Who is the artist (if you know). Why do you love this piece? #streetartchat

Q3 Is there a Street Artist whose work you love but you haven’t been able to see in-person yet? Who is it & why do you love ’em? #streetartchat

Q4 Please share an all time fav piece of #streetart by your fav urban artist and say why you think this defines them. #streetartchat