Here at Thirty Summers we have founded and host two regular Twitter chats on the Inter webs – #Travchat about travel and #Streetartchat about, well you get it right!

Twitter chats are basically just an Online conversation using Twitter as the medium. Each chat we set a topic to be discussed and a set of questions. Folks from all around the globe then engage and interact with each other on that topic. By using the hashtag (#travchat or #streetartchat) in each of their tweets it ensures that the whole community see their replies and can respond in real time.

It’s probably most easy to understand how it all works by seeing one of our #travchat chats in action. 

Here’s a wrap of how they work:

  • Both chats were founded by us as @30_Summers on Twitter.
  • The best profiles to follow for specific details about the chats are @travchats (travel) & @street_art_chat (street art).
  • #Travchat runs every Wednesday and #Streetartchat is the last Sunday of each month.
  • #Travchat lasts 1 hour with six questions and #Streetartchat 30 minutes with four questions.
  • We begin each question with the prefix Q and you should use the prefix A before your answer. So for example. Q1 What is your favourite city to visit? A1 New York City.

Click the links to learn more below about each individual chat and to see the questions before the chat begins. Hope to see you some time!



#Travchat is…

  • Held every Wednesday (there is a break over Christmas and New Years)
  • Lasts one hour with six questions each chat
  • Is hosted and moderated by @30_Summers, @Travchats & @Globalbrunch

Click for questions and more details.


new times


#Streetartchat is…

  • Held the last Sunday of each month. (December excepted)
  • Lasts 30 minutes with four questions each chat.
  • Is hosted and moderated by @30_Summers and @street_art_chat

Click for questions and more details.