Week of Wonders. Finland – March 2017

Travchat is having our very first Twitter-Meet-Up (Tweetup) as part of the Week of Wonders in March 2017 It will be held in a truly remarkable location 460 kilometres above the Arctic Circle. A snow-blanketed playground of unique and exhilarating experiences and a gateway for the ethereal Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) – Lapland, Finland.  

DID YOU KNOW: Finland has been voted as a Must-Visit Destination for 2017 by both Lonely Planet and National Geographic. So what are you waiting for? 🙂

A genuine Once-in-a-Lifetime opportunity! 

Across seven memorable days you will will take part in many truly life-affirming activities and enjoy the camaraderie of newfound friendships. The activities include:

  • Learning about and experiencing the ways and lore of the indigenous Sámi people.
  • Attending the annual Reindeer Races. Lapland’s Kentucky Derby!
  • Trying your hand at snowshoeing across simply magical landscapes.
  • Experiencing delicious local food and drink.
  • A photography-lesson from expert Aurora photographers
  • Having the opportunity to try ice-fishing, husky-sledding or even snowmobiling!

And of course we’ve left two of the most magnificent highlights until last!

  • Chasing the ethereal Northern Lights and…
  • The #Travchat Tweetup live-and-direct from Utsjoki, Finland.

In the company of fellow travellers this will be a wonderfully rewarding seven-days that is sure to provide you with stories to tell for a lifetime.

Our Hosts. Aurora Holidays.

Aurora Holidays is a family run business who have lived all their lives in the tiny village of Utsjoki beneath the glorious lights. Their charming cottages are located here and will be our base for the week.


The cottages at Utsjoki. The first lights of the 2016/17 season.

The Itinerary.

March 28th – April 3rd, 2017. Utsjoki, Finland.

Tuesday 28th:

  • Arrival in Kirkenes
  • Airport pickup & 2,5-3h drive to Utsjoki
  • Food shopping for the week, including recommendations for local products & delicacies
  • Welcome Dinner together

Wednesday 29th: (Live #Travchat TweetUp around midday)

  • Snowshoeing adventure
  • Northern Lights Photography workshop
  • Northern Lights chasing

Thursday 30th:

  • Village tour of Utsjoki
  • Traditional Sámi cuisine dinner (Additional, 78€)
  • Northern lights chasing

Friday 31st:

  • Husky sledding in Norway (Additional, 151€)
  • Visit to Tana Bru (For those that participate in the Husky adventure)
  • Northern lights chasing

Saturday 1st:

  • Snowmobiling / ice fishing /skiing (Additional, 100€. Lunch included for those who participate)
  • Northern lights chasing

Sunday 2nd:

  • Reindeer races in Inari, Championship Final (Lunch not included but the event is a great opportunity to taste authentic local dishes.)
  • A visit to Siida. The Sámi heritage museum in Inari
  • Northern lights chasing

Monday 3rd:

  • Departure Day – time to say goodbye to Lapland

How to get there.

The easiest way to get to Lapland is by plane. We do not recommend arriving by reindeer. You will need to arrive/ depart from Kirkenes Høybuktmoen (KKN), Norway.

Please see below the flights you will need to book.

Tuesday, March 28th.

SAS Oslo 8:55 – Kirkenes 11:00

Norwegian Oslo 9:10 – Kirkenes 11:20 (Probable. Schedule not yet confirmed)

Monday April 3rd

SAS Kirkenes 11:30 – Oslo 13:35

Norwegian Kirkenes 12:00 – Oslo 14:10 (Probable. Schedule not yet confirmed)

The price.

This amazing week-long experience is being offered at an exceptional #Travchat and #TRLT-Only price. This package has been heavily discounted for our community by Aurora Holidays and is not only longer than a standard stay it is also packed with many inclusions normally offered as options.

The price for the holiday (including airport transfers, accommodation, some meals, Northern Lights chasing, photography workshop, many tours & activities and much more) is 1200€ for seven days or roughly 170€ per day.

For more information or to book visit this link to Aurora Holidays.

Bloggers/ Influencers rate.

If you would like to apply to receive a ‘Travel Influencer/ Travel Blogger’ reduced-rate you must first submit an application. Please visit the booking link above to apply. This rate is not guaranteed and is subject to organiser approval.


The Aurora Borealis as viewed from the Utsjoki cottages.

 Are we guaranteed to see the Northern Lights?

No. As much as we’d love to guarantee you that you will see the northern lights, we can’t. No one can. But Aurora Holidays does promise that they will do everything they can to make it happen. If there is no solar activity at all, there are no Northern Lights either. Obviously clouds can be a problem too. Aurora Holidays will always work hard to locate a place with clear skies to maximise the chances of seeing them. Sometimes the entire continent is under a blanket of clouds and there is nothing that can be done.

It’s similar to trying to guarantee it won’t rain a single day on a beach holiday. It’s just not possible. That said, to date, all of Aurora Holiday’s guests have been able to view the lights!

More queries and questions?

Visit the booking link for full details or contact Aurora Holidays on contact@auroraholidays.net or +358 40 7625 005