Travchat. The Idea.

In mid 2015 we had an idea about starting a Twitter Travel Chat that was specifically designed for Australian time zone. Up until then the vast majority of Travel Chats fell between midnight – 8am Australian time. Whilst they were fun to participate in the resulting bags-under-the-eyes were not!

So rather than moan about the lack of a suitable chat for Aussies & Kiwis we decided to address the problem. On May 20th, 2015 #ANZtravelchat (Australia & New Zealand Travel Chat) was born.

A small, ‘select’ group of 12 chat attendees (three of whom were us!!) exchanged 60 tweets on that first chat. But we were hooked!

ANZtravelchat morphs into Travchat in January 2016.

Travchat logoPleasingly throughout 2015 our community and chat participation grew and grew. It became clear that much of the growth for the chat was coming from Europe and the United Kingdom. Clearly the #ANZ prefix didn’t really mean too much to our community in these  regions. Also #ANZtravelchat, at 13 characters long, was just too long.

So thus, in January 2016, #Travchat was introduced. Still at a great time for Australians but now with a shorter hashtag and a global community. 🙂

How Travchat works.

Founded & hosted by @30_Summers the topics alternate each week. There may also be other Guest Hosts or Topic Experts for specific chats. The six questions for each Travel Chat can be found on this page the day of the chat and will be Tweeted out during the Chat.

To join the conversation simply use the Hashtag #Travchat and share your feedback, observations, photos and comments. These will then appear in the Chat stream.

Each of our six questions will be tweeted out with the prefix: Q1, Q2… Q6 etc. To answer simply begin your tweet with A1, A2… A6 etc.

Click this link to find out what time 10am (GMT) Wednesday is in your city.

  • LON – 10am (Wed)
  • SYD – 7pm (Wed)
  • HKG – 5pm (Wed)


So calling all travellers, bloggers, industry-experts, travel-photographers in fact any travel-tragic (like us) please come and say ‘Hi’ and join the conversation. We chat for about an hour (officially) although chatters are welcome to, and often do, stay and chat longer.

We’d love to hear your opinions, benefit from your expertise and see your photos. Come say hi on our Facebook Group too!

Questions? Contact Us.

Check out one of our chats ‘in action’ with this review of Travchat by Twitter themselves.

This week on Travchat.

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Capital Cities

Questions coming Wednesday.