Super Rugby format

NEW proposed Super Rugby format. What do you think?

I’m hosting this idea on my own blog on the Inter webs. So if you like travel, photography and/ or street art then have a look around afterwards. However there’s no more rugby to be found here. #justsaying.

Overview of my Super Rugby proposal.

I propose that the death knell for Super Rugby as an entity is not so much the quality of the rugby per se but more so…

  1. The timezones. No one is watching their team play at 2am
  2. The incredibly convoluted structure of the comp requiring an MBA just to begin to understand how the points system and scheduling works.


  • Keep the 18 teams currently in. (By the way I don’t agree with the inclusion of Japan & Argentina but they are in now so let’s keep them.)

3 x conferences of 6 teams as below
CONF 1: Africa
CONF 2: Aust + Japan
CONF 3: NZ + Argentina

> Each play home and away with 1 x bye.
> Finals are Top 2 x Teams from each conf.
> Finals Team 1 and 2 based on points get a bye 1st week of finals
> Team 3 plays 6 | Team 4 plays 5 (¼ finals)
> Team 1 plays winner 3 v 6 | Team 2 plays winner 4 v 5 (semi finals)
> Final

All up from 1st round – Final is 14 weeks. (I think)

Some considerations.

  • By having a purely Africa conference then this removes the issue of middle-of-the-night matches. If ex-pats/ fans in AU & NZ really want to see these games they can just record them and watch at their own convenience.

I do this now anyway to skip ½ time and injury breaks etc…

Rugby Calendar therefore becomes…

Dec – May: Aviva/ Top 14

March – mid June: Super Rugby

June/ July: Northern vs Southern Hemisphere Internationals

Jul – Oct: NRC/ Curry/ Mitre Cup

Aug/ Sept: Rugby Championship

Nov/ Dec: Northern vs Southern Hemisphere Internationals

Jan – March: Six Nations

The Pros

  • That’s enough rugby right? And if you need more during summer the Aviva Premiership or even Top 14 is there on pay (which you need anyway). There’s almost as many Sth Hem players up there in any case.
  • Slightly shortening/delaying the Super comp will likely lessen injuries and enable those with injuries to recuperate over the ‘off season’ to start on time. Top players on paddock should enable better quality of content and more star power re: eyballs.
  • It’s much simpler in format to follow and would enable a season of intense local derbies and should increase crowds, media and interest. You only play those outside your conf in the finals. Eg playing the Lions in round robin will mean a small crowd. For a ¼ or semi final? Large crowd.
  • Much less disruption to infrastructure of current format for teams. Basically just some match scheduling changes.

The Cons

  • Very tough on the Jaguares playing in the NZ conf. Down side it will be hard. Upside playing the best teams in the world each week re: improvement and the Argentinian crowds get to see the best players in the world regularly. But yes it’s a problem. This solution ain’t perfect!
  • At first glance seems very close to own local comps (Curry/ Mitre/ NRC) however remember those comps won’t have the 30 or so best players out for national duties. (Two teams worth) Nor the International finals/ finale!

Anyhoo… that’s my thoughts? What do you think… (Now back to the day job)



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