Meet our Thirty Summers authors.

Saxon. Co-Founder, Editor, Author.

saxtTravel is my passion and also my career. I’ve spent my entire working-life in the travel industry with roles as diverse as tour guide, travel agent and marketing manager for some of the worlds largest travel brands.

My favourite city in the world to visit is NYC and France is my most beloved country to explore. I travel to learn and observe to understand.

When I photograph people I try and capture an innate candour. Normally I wander with my Canon SLR slung over my shoulder, as a respectful spectator. For me a destination is always the sum of its parts – its culture, people, cities and landscapes.

My other favourite interests include blogging, music, street art and not writing blurbs about myself. My family is my bedrock and my acoustic guitar my muse.

Robert. Co-Founder, Author.

rob sqMost of my adult life has been spent working in travel and travel media. It is never lost on me that I have been one of those fortunate few to have my greatest interest – travel – as my job, and my job as my greatest interest.

After backpacking around Europe at the age of 19, two overarching “life goals” were set: “become an author” and “100 by 50″. The former was achieved by the age of 32 with the release of my book Until A Dead Horse Kicks You. The latter – 100 countries visited before my 50th birthday – is not far from being achieved. (Update: was achieved in 2018!)

My goal for the next 30 summers will hinge around experiencing even more of the world and a lot more of my backyard, and it will certainly involve what I already hold so dear: family and friends, walking, 4WDing, birdwatching, drawing, photography, languages and linguistics, writing, history and big booming Australian Shiraz.

Scott. Author.

scottusI love music. I mean I really, really love music. Music is my oxygen. I can’t play a note but I know what makes my feet tap….even if sometimes you do have to scratch the surface. I love to travel too. The music will always takes me somewhere. Bluesfest at Easter is my Christmas. Oh and I love vinyl. The sound, the smell and the feel. But CD’s are fine. Don’t let the nerds tell you otherwise!

I read. Music bios mainly. But I’m passionate about Michael Connelly (author). And I still enjoy my Saturday morning coffee with newspaper spread in front of me. I despise commercial radio. I live in a busy household. My family is great. And loud. My stereo is louder!

Kendall. Author.

Km Profile 02_SquareHey! I’m a content creator, an adventurer and an action-man. My happy place is somewhere in the middle of nowhere, under the stars, in front of a fire, with friends or by myself. While my adventures often consist of simply visiting a new place or a beautiful location, they are just as likely to involve paddle boarding, mountain biking, freediving or surfing. When I can combine the two its heaven on earth.

I view life as a story and when I go back and read through the draft (it will always be a draft) the chapters where I am travelling and adventuring are always the most exciting ones – new experiences, new people, new culture, new buildings and new landscapes – the plot thickens.

I’m always thinking of where to go next and perpetually guilty of thinking I can squeeze more than is humanly possible into my days – lending a kind of happy mania to my adventures.

Nicole. Author.

nicoleI am an arts, food and travel journalist, editor and proofreader, with a 20-plus-year career at metropolitan daily newpapers and national magazines. I am also passionate about the arts, travel, fine food and wine, excellent coffee, filmmaking, reading and writing poetry.

My dream day involves teleportation and begins at the Seychelles with a leisurely breakfast of fresh tropical fruit and a barista-crafted double espresso, followed by a long dip in the heavenly azure waters. Next stop: Venice, Italy, for a stroll through the Doge’s Palace and a gondola ride.  Then on to Paris and a saunter through the Renaissance and Impressionist wings at Musee D’Orsay. I end my day by dining at Guy Savoy’s eponymous restaurant on Quai de Conti.

Jason. Author.

JDSI’m a passionate traveller and a first class nomad wannabe. I have a love for the written word and enjoy sharing stories that inspire travel. I’m constantly guided by a sense of adventure and curiosity. I like ordinary but love extraordinary. Just as happy exploring my own city as I am discovering somewhere new. I’ll dance and sing karaoke to anything 80’s, will drink hot tea even if 40 degrees, love food and have a wicked sweet tooth but am allergic to garlic and onion.

Architecture excites me, the window seat thrills me and anything aviation enamours me. I’m a perpetual dreamer who lives by Saint Augustine’s wise words – “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. My intention is to read War and Peace!

Alexandra. Author.

alexIf I were a super hero, my power would be the ability to cripple anyone with laughter using an appropriately timed and always intended pun. My kryptonite would be crunchy peanut butter.

From a young age I remember my family being settled around the living room and my mother constantly asking me to stop twitching my legs and sit still. I still have, what could in all probability be described as restless leg syndrome, but since joining the ranks of adulthood (I can’t commit to growing up just yet) it’s this restlessness that has been taking me to new places and developing my passion for exploring new cultures and corners of the Earth.

My travels are more often than not led by my stomach contributing to my lifelong search for the perfect breakfast. I am scared of the dark, but don’t mistake that for the night. I love watching live music almost as much as I love observing the crowd of people around me. I suffer chronically from middle-child syndrome, but it’s my family that is always keeping me grounded even when I am not a home.

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  1. Hi Saxon,
    I am an Aboriginal Artists from Brisbane. I was hoping to get connected with Matt Adnate and invite him for some collaborations with me here in brissy..
    Great site and team.
    Dreamtime is here..


    1. Hi John – I am not connected with Matt Adnate. I just wrote a feature about his work. Adnate does have his own website though – just Google it – with a contact page. I would suggest that. Cheers Saxon


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