Lights, Camera, Lapland!

Travchat or #Travchat on Twitter is one of the world’s most popular weekly travel chats. It’s a community of travellers, photographers, bloggers and travel brands that come together every Wednesday to talk about travel. Learn more about Travchat.

The inaugural Travchat ‘Tweet Meet’ was a very cool experience – literally!

Utsjoki in Lapland, Northern Finland was the location for the very first physical meeting of an Online virtual community.  You’ve heard of Utsjoki right? Ok maybe not.

So why choose a tiny village nestled high above the Arctic Circle, in fact the northernmost town in the EU, for the first Travchat Meet Up? Good question. Saxon Templeton the founder of Travchat explains.

“I was approached in mid 2016 by our chat co-host (@globalbrunch) and a chat regular (@auroraholidays) with the suggestion of having our very first Travchat ‘Tweetup’ beneath the Northern Lights in Finland. The ethereal Aurora Borealis are such a bucket-list item for so many travellers these days that my interest was well-and-truly piqued! It all went from there.”

A Week of Wonders. 28 March – 4 April 2017.

Set amidst a fairytale backdrop of snow and reindeer six intrepid members of the Travchat community met for the very first time.

Utsjoki Northern Lights

Utsjoki, Finland. Ethereal skies greet the Travchat attendees.

The week ahead was to unfurl an experience like no other. Highlights included:

  • Snow-mobiling
  • Ice fishing
  • Reindeer races
  • Snow-shoeing
  • Immersing with the local ‘Sami’ people traditions and culture
  • Photography lessons

All of these incredible once-in-a-lifetime experiences were played out beneath the true hero of the week. The incredible Northern Lights.

Aurora Holidays.

Aurora Holidays are a small, family run business specialising in Northern Lights experiences. They own a delightful collection of small cottages in Utsjoki that shine beneath the glowing lights above. This was our base for a simply spellbinding week. Aurora are experts in ensuring their clients get to see the lights even if that means hopping in a van and chasing them! It all just adds to the feeling of adventure and exhilaration!

Utsjoki Northern Lights

One of the Aurora Holidays cottages

The Wrap. In their own words.

It’s probably best to leave the final say to the attendees themselves. As Travchat is a Twitter chat let’s have a look at some of what ‘Team Travchat’ as they were called got up to on that Week of Wonders! (NB – If you are reading this on the WordPress ‘Reader’ you need to click on the Full Post to view the tweets #justsaying)

The 2018 Travchat Tweet Meet location?

Well that would be telling wouldn’t it. One hint – think Southern Hemisphere. That narrows it down doesn’t it! Another hint is that it will be very, very unlikely to be able to repeat this scene at our next location.

Travchat at Utsjoki

Travchat co-host Maria (@globalbrunch) hard at work during the ‘Tweetup’ chat

See ya mates! 😉

More information.

  • The original idea for this amazing location came from Maria the founder at Global Brunch and the incredible team at Aurora Holidays.
  • #Travchat (founded by @30_Summers) is one of the world’s most popular Travel chats held every Wednesday. It’s a place where travellers come to talk travel. Each chat travel-lovers from around the globe exchange hundreds or even thousands of tweets with a Twitter reach in the millions. You can find out more about how the chat runs and it’s beginnings by clicking this link – the Travchat story.
  • The attendees for the inaugural Tweet Meet in Utsjoki were @curiousexplorers @globalbrunch @OkusiTastes @aadvarksafaris and @auroraholidays
  • For more information or any queries please contact us.

About Saxon

I'm passionate about travelling, music, photography, blogging, 'Social Anthropology' (the posh term for people-watching) and creating content. I travel to learn and observe to understand. My dream day would look something like this.... A bottle of red (or two), fresh baguette (or two) & wedge of Camembert (or two), a balmy Paris September eve spent people-watching in fine company on the banks of the Canal St Martin.

There are 6 comments

  1. Jolene

    OMG! I would loooove an Aurora vacation… can you pls advise when would be the best time of the year to go see northern lights in Lapland? And hope that it wasn’t horrendously expensive?? Thank you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Saxon

      Hi Jolene. Aurora Holidays designed an exclusive package for our Travchat get together. The price was pretty incredible. That said they have fantastic prices that offer amazing value and inclusions on their scheduled trips. Drop them a line and mention Travchat and I’m sure Tiina and the team will look after you. They will provide you with all the info you are after too. Enjoy!!

      Liked by 1 person

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