Panda Sunglasses. Lightweight eyeware heavy on style and sustainability.

“But it’s only Friday, How can that be?!!”

Those were the words that I uttered recently as I noticed that our ‘recycling’ rubbish bin was already full again only three days after it had been emptied. We’re a family of four who are reasonably eco-friendly yet the amount of plastic we churn through is frightening. It doesn’t bare thinking about sometimes. I guess that’s why I have the utmost respect for those folks and businesses out there that – do – try and actually do something about this tidal wave of plastic.

Enter stage left – Panda Sunglasses.

In late 2016 Thirty Summers was followed on Twitter by one @wearpanda. We always check out the profiles of those who follow us before deciding whether or not to follow-back and this one grabbed our interest. We clicked through to their website and found a super stylish assortment of sunglasses. Ok nothing too out-of-ordinary yet. However these were premium hand-crafted sunglasses made out of bamboo!! Ok our interest was well and truly piqued!

The more we read the more we knew we just had to have a pair.

Panda sunglasses
Bamboo beauties!

Panda bare. The creation of an ethical brand.

For this review we asked the present-day head of Panda, Leigh Macaulay, about the beginnings of this innovative brand.

“Panda was started by a group of college friends who were looking at a rack of cheap plastic sunglasses and brainstorming about how to change the world. They had their eureka moment when questioning why all sunglasses looked the same and thinking about how much plastic and waste there was in the industry. From there they did their research, launched a ‘Kickstarter’ and Panda was born!”

In 2016 Panda was purchased by Macaulay and her partner who both possess a “love of the outdoors and (are) passionate advocates for conscious consumerism”. In essence Panda is just one of those successful confluences of…

Right place – right idea – right time – right people.

Exceeding expectations.

It was like a second Christmas when my ‘Kennedy Black’ Panda sunglasses arrived in early January. The packaging was bespoke and stylish.

Click an image to enlarge.

A cute bamboo container opened to reveal a hessian bag encasing my Panda sunglasses.

panda sunglasses, container and bag
Panda sunglasses sure are attention grabbing! 🙂

The first thing I noticed was how light they were and even now, after a couple of weeks, it is still one of the most appealing features. The polarised lenses are also absolutely outstanding. Whilst it might not be literally like looking through rose-coloured-glasses it’s still a shame when you do have to take them off. The world seems to lose some of its sheen when you do.

I have to say right now I feel a little like Jack Nicholson. I never want to take my sunglasses off!

A pair to suit your style.

Panda’s lightweight, durable sunglasses were launched in 2012 and are the ‘original’ bamboo sunglasses. Each pair is individually handcrafted from the highest quality bamboo and is fitted with superior polarised, UV-protecting lenses. Plus they ship with a lifetime warranty! Nice.

There are an ensemble of colours and styles to choose from to best match your personality, lifestyle and fashion leanings. Styles include Kennedy, Monroe, Jackson and Victoria.

panda sunglasses range
Just a small sample of the full range.

Giving back.

You will not only feel-good wearing you new sunglasses but you can also feel-good having purchased them. Every pair sold helps assist with the gift of vision for someone in need.

Panda gift of vision

After you shop Panda will…

  1. Count the number of pairs sold and donate monthly to their nonprofit partner – Optometry-Giving-Sight, covering the cost of that same amount of prescription glasses and medical eye exams.
  2. Ensure their donations help with the cost of building optometry schools and training men and women to become optometrists.

The Wrap.

Panda sunglasses are ethical, sustainable and  handcrafted. Not only are they eco-friendly, ultra-light and super stylish but they also come with a lifetime guarantee. Not bad right?! Remember too that you are helping to give a gift-of-vision with each purchase.

Perhaps on a personal level what I most love about the Panda story is that a bunch of college pals “had an idea and ran with it” as Macaulay (a.k.a the boss) succinctly puts it. Most of us never push through with our ‘big ideas’ do we. Perhaps I’ll end this review with the words of another reasonably innovative chap…


More Information.

Panda also have a range of bamboo wrist-watches. You can see their full ranges by visiting their website below.

Panda Sunglasses website

Check them out on Instagram – @wearpanda

Please note: I received a pair of Kennedy Panda Sunglasses to review. All opinions and views expressed in this review are my own. 




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4 thoughts on “Panda Sunglasses. Lightweight eyeware heavy on style and sustainability.

  1. I didn’t even know you could get bamboo, or any other wooden, glasses. I love them and have awarded them top spot on my “next birthday” wish list. Thank you for finding them.

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