A colourful life. Street Artist Mimby Jones Robinson.

I first stumbled across the work of Mimby Jones Robinson in Melbourne’s street-art-central Hosier Lane in 2013. It immediately stood out to me. There were probably more than 200 other urban art works in those lane-way environs but in my opinion no other piece was so unique. I checked the artist’s signature, took a couple of pics and hoped I would see more in the future.

Mimby Jones Robinson Interview

Photo credit Saxon Templeton.

Mimby Jones Robinson – an interview.

I actually didn’t happen upon another of Mimby’s street art works until this year. A cosy three years later. But as soon as I spied it I knew it had to be one of hers.

Those colours, that face, the positive energy exuding from the work. What a signature she has to be recognisable so many years later and so instantaneously. Rather than me being a genius I thought it much more likely that Mimby Jones Robinson possesses a style like no other.

I wondered if I could track-her-down to ask her about her work and motivations. Turns out I could and I did. Please see below a study of Mimby’s work – in her own words.

Question 1.

You have a unique and very colourful style with your murals. What was your inspiration for this style of art?

“My world is filled with loads of colour and artwork so it was always going to be a natural extension for me to paint in a rainbow palette. For me personally I draw no line between my life and my canvas. I love covering my clothes, body and surroundings in paint and glitter. It makes me happy and inspires my work…

I have been painting colourful paintings and murals for over 10 years now. I paint large colourful Goddesses on the streets to celebrate all women- the mothers, the sisters, the daughters, the grandmothers.

Being a mother to my beautiful boy inspires me to no end.  No one could have warned me about how much my art would improve after having my baby. I over thought everything before I had Cohen and because of this I was left with a blank canvas a lot of the time. Now I paint between naps or when he sleeps and with the time I have I use every second wisely. I just get on with creating and I have no time for self-doubt anymore. My life doesn’t allow for it which is wonderful.”

Mimby Jones Art

Question 2.

Would you say there a slight geisha vibe to some of the faces you paint?

“Sometimes there is but I never know who is going to come through on canvas/ a wall with the women I paint. I generally have a slight idea of what I want created but it is always a surprise to me when I paint the faces as the process is quite spontaneous. My Goddesses are always an extension of me and my world.”

Mimby Jones Robinson painting

Question 3.

Who are some of your favourite urban artists?
“My favourite street artists are Senekt, Lucy Lucy, Adnate, Sophie Argiriou ( street art photographer) , Fintan Magee, Kaffeine and so many more.”

You can read our bios on both Adnate & Kaffeine by clicking the links above.

Final Question.

So Bowie. What does he mean to you?
“I was in the studio a month ago listening to Bowie while I painted when I decided to paint him. I always seem to listen to Bowie whenever I want to get in the zone. He is one of the most fabulous humans to have graced the earth so it felt right to recreate him in my style with flowers in his hair and surrounded by Queen Bees. I rarely paint men and when I do they always end up looking like women anyway which made painting Bowie so easy.”

Mimby Jones Robinson David Bowie

The Wrap.

Mimby Jones Robinson has carved a unique and colourful niche in the street art scene both in Australia and beyond. Even a hack like me can spot her work from a distance and three years after the last occasion. Not bad. Now based in Adelaide after many years in Melbourne painting stints in both Paris and Berlin await Mimby in 2017. Put quite simply the more of the world that gets to see her work the better. For her and for us.

Mimby Jones Robinson Art

Update. April 2017.

I have spied an updated Mimby Jones Robinson this month on the site of an earlier piece. Mimby has outdone herself with this one. This goddess spills forth colour and beauty like a volcano of pigments. Thought I would share a couple of photos below of the new piece.

Mimby Jones Robinson 2017

Photo: Saxon Templeton

Mimby Jones Robinson street art 2017

Photo: Saxon Templeton

More information.mimby-jones-robinson-street-art

  • You can purchase select Mimby Jones Robinson works on Etsy. (Including her recent
    David Bowie piece)
  • Check out Mimby’s colourful (of course) website for more. Including commissions.
  • Simply search Mimby Jones Robinson on Facebook & Insta to keep up-to-date

Photography unless otherwise credited by Sophie Argiriou.



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