Kaffeine Street artist. Melbourne Street Artists Series.

Kaffeine street art fitzroy

Melbourne is famous for great coffee…

… and Melburnians range from merely ‘picky’ to outright snobbery in terms of their favourite coffee haunts. So little wonder perhaps that an artist named Kaff-eine has emerged as one of the finest amongst Melbourne street artists.

Unicorn Kaffeine street art. North Fitzroy
Unicorn by Kaff-eine. North Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Kaffeine Street Artist. Art with real animal instinct.

Most of Kaff-eine’s works feature animals or fairytale derivatives of creatures. Cute critters hugging into, or being hugged, by elf-like humans. Many of her works are poignant and leave the meaning of the artwork open for interpretation. These days she mostly works on commission and is one of the few street artists able to forge, what I presume to be, a decent living from her craft.

Deerhunter by Kaffeine. Brunswick, Melbourne.
A Kaff-eine signature piece. The Deerhunter. Brunswick, Melbourne.

An enclave of Melbourne street artists.

There really is an incredible community of street artists in Melbourne and even the city itself welcomes the artform in an official capacity in many designated areas. With a lack of icons in comparison to our great rival city – Sydney (Opera House and Harbour Bridge for example) –  the cobblestone laneways of the Melbourne CBD bedecked with appealing street art is often used as a backdrop for much of our marketing & promotion.

Kaffeine street art of a swan Brunswick
This emotive piece was saved many times over many years. Now painted over.

Kaff-eine is just one of many, many talented street artists that hail from Melbourne but whose canvas really is the world – such is the globalisation of the street art genre. She has daubed walls around the globe with her signature and bespoke creations from the Phillipines to Germany. Often in aid of charitable causes!

To find out more about this fantastic artist – ‘Kaff’ – follow her latest works on Instagram or on the Kaff-eine website. I include a gallery of her work as snapped by me below…

Kaffeine Street Artist. One of the Best Melbourne Street Artists. A Gallery.

(Click image to expand)

Festival Lens

Music lover with camera in hand. You see what I saw on Thirty Summers. "If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff" - Jim Richardson.

5 thoughts on “Kaffeine Street artist. Melbourne Street Artists Series.

    1. Met her a few times too. Lovely lady. If you like Street Art Miriam have a look at my street art section. Most of it is Melbourne work. I think you’ll love it. Thanks for commenting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Hey wow thanks for the share. I’ve now followed on FB too. Yeah I love Kaff’s work. Couldn’t believe seeing Adnate on fat cat network Channel 9 the other day. Shows how mainstream street art is going. Will we see Lord Mayor Doyle out there soon with a stencil and some Ironlak. Let’s hope NOT haha


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