Falling for autumn. The vibrant colours of Castlemaine.

I’ve lived in Melbourne since 1998 and this was the oddest summer I can remember. I mean there wasn’t one really, that I can remember at least.

Summers here are supposed to be generally dry with periods that can be brutally hot. We’re talking 42 or 43 degrees Celsius (110F) on some days. But this summer was underwhelming and humid. I might mention here that I hate humidity. So it was a damp and frustrating few months indeed.

But then enter knight in shining armour – autumn.

Consistently warm, beautiful days with sunshine an almost constant companion. Happy Days! Literally. But it gets even better.


Awesome autumn.

Later than normal, by about three weeks, the leaves have started to change. I’m guessing the delay is due to the trees being as confused about our weather as I have been.

Ironically for such a beautiful transition the autumnal splendour of reds, yellows and oranges is actually the deciduous trees killing-off their very own leaves. They know winter is coming which will mean a deficit of light and nutrients so the leaves have to go. Kind of morbid for something that can be so vibrant and life affirming.


Castlemaine, Victoria.

If you peruse my blog you will find several other articles & photo galleries I’ve already published about my penchant for the small regional city of Castlemaine. I don’t live there, but I visit regularly.

Without doubt Castlemaine is in the ‘country’ but possesses more than a dash of the city.


On main streets you’ll see farm utes with dogs happily panting away on the tray at the back parked next to a BMW. Artery-clogging Fish n Chip shops next door to organic produce meccas. Locals sipping a cafe latte at a swanky coffee-shop whilst others neck a ‘VB’ at their local.

It’s a very unique amalgam and it just works. An absorbing mix of Urban and Rural.

Maybe we should call it Urbal or should that be Ruban?

Whatever you call it. I love it up there and it’s only a one-and-a-half-hour drive from my front door.

Falling for Castlemaine. A Gallery.

Thanks to the many locals that gave me the heads-up about photogenic locations on Facebook a few days before my photography reconnoitre. I was actually heading to Castlemaine one day earlier but I stopped off in the tiny hamlet of Malmsbury ‘for a look’. I stayed all day! Look out for a post about that very soon.

(Click on an image to enlarge it)

Check out more ‘Seasonal’ photography on this week’s Hugh’s Photo Challenge.


Travel is my passion and also my career. I’ve spent my entire working-life in the travel industry with roles as diverse as tour guide, travel agent and marketing manager for some of the worlds largest travel brands. My favourite city in the world to visit is NYC and France is my most beloved country to explore. I travel to learn and observe to understand always with camera in hand.

5 thoughts on “Falling for autumn. The vibrant colours of Castlemaine.

  1. I completely agree with you about humidity, Saxon. I don’t like it either. Most homes in the UK don’t have air-con so, when we do get the hot humid nights, it’s unbearable and sleep is very hard to come by.
    I love the Autumnal colours in your photos. Thank you for sharing them with us for my photo challenge this week.

    Liked by 1 person

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