Dance! Like no one’s watching.

My submission into the Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme – Dance!

I live in a inner city suburb in Melbourne, Australia. It’s called Brunswick and is more akin to a village in many ways. Certainly in terms of ambiance.

There is a real laissez-faire attitude in these environs and most of the 22,000 or so inhabitants just get on with their own thing not much minding what others are doing. And that’s what I love about living here. There is a real dearth of a ‘Keeping-up-with-the-Jones’ mentality which has always been an anathema to me.

Sydney Road Festival

I think the posh term for what has occurred around here in the last few years is ‘gentrification’ however this suburb is still an eclectic melting pot of peoples, hairstyles and interests.

Sydney Road Festival. Christmas for a photographer.

All of this diversity is encapsulated each March in the gloriousness that is the Sydney Road Festival. An explosion of colour, aromas and sounds.

It not only celebrates our collective identity as a suburb but also recognises Brunswick as a lifestyle. A community event and gathering that ironically at the same time also seems to celebrate individuality.

Sydney Road Festival

For a bloke with a camera it’s Christmas!

The inhabitants of Brunswick in-the-main are a very laid-back folk. So when they want to party and dance they don’t mind if you join in even if you want to chronicle the shenanigans.

Being a shy person by nature I’ve often missed photo opportunities because I feel too anxious or self-conscious taking a photo directly in front of someone for fear they will object. So rather than risk potential angst I just avoid the shot or shoot it from the side or even behind.

At the Sydney Road Festival however I feel at home. Well, most likely that’s because it is my home. I happily immerse myself with the crowd, feeling comfortable and happy and click away. You can see in the photos that there is no impost by me and my SLR on the revellers. It’s more a vibe of

“Whatever dude”

Dance Like no-ones watching. A Gallery from the Sydney Road Festival.

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Festival Lens

Music lover with camera in hand. You see what I saw on Thirty Summers. "If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff" - Jim Richardson.

11 thoughts on “Dance! Like no one’s watching.

    1. Cheers. Yeah bad timing. I didn’t actually notice she’d spilled her drink until when I was looking at the photos later haha. She must’ve done it almost as I was taking the pic, poor thing. Thanks for your comment.

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    1. My favourite day of the year. My kids may have another one though 😉 Yeah it’s great when I don’t feel nervous shooting people. At this festival folks are either ambivalent or friendly. I agree it makes practising much easier! Thanks for your comment.

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