Why a “30 Summers” moment doesn’t happen through a camera lens.

Guest Post: We are very pleased to have photographer Rachel Korinek share her thoughts and amazing photos here on Thirty Summers. We hope she’ll come back often!

As many of us get older, we realise that life is precious and finite, and the white sands of time wait for no one. At the core of Thirty Summers, we are reminded how important it is to make good use of the time we are all given.

Photography or rather ‘taking pictures’ has become part of our everyday lives and to some degree we are expected to document, well everything, with the increasing accessibility to cameras and the explosion of sharing and social media. We’ve all seen people everywhere experiencing life through their iPhone.

Yet, is this really experiencing the moment, is it being present, is it living?

Life is a collection of moments, some big, some small, and these moments are there to be lived. Lived in a way where we are fully present which doesn’t occur through a camera lens. It involves connection, connection to what’s happening around you, your senses.

To truly connect is to see, and to truly see is to live.

Rachel Korinek | Two Loves Studio
Rachel Korinek | Two Loves Studio

I’m a food photographer, that’s my day job. So it is easy for me to leave my camera behind to ‘take a break’ and be present to fully live moments of life. But that is slowly not becoming the norm and people certainly are amazed when I tell them I didn’t bring my camera along. They expect that since I am a photographer, I would be attached to my camera wanting to document everything, yet I never feel the urge to document every moment of my life.

Last year, my husband and I travelled to the Philippines for a friends wedding. Whilst we were in Cebu most of the time, (where the couple’s family is from), we ventured to the nearby Pangloa Island and spend 4 days hanging out on Alona Beach. It was a food photographer’s dream. White sands, pastel coloured sunsets, fresh produce and seafood sourced from the local waters, open barbecues and locals obliging to cook their wares every which way. Yet, I did not capture one meal we had there together or one sunset we watched as we ate. There is nothing I enjoy more than eating good food with those I love.

The absolute icing on the cake is to do that on the beach of a tropical island with a few cheap beers under my belt. I wanted to truly be present, to live those moments.

Rachel Korinek | Two Loves Studio
Rachel Korinek | Two Loves Studio

As photographs are important to me, I do make time for them in my life as well, but not at the expense of memories or “30 Summers moments“. The best ‘images’ are ones I didn’t capture. They’re the ones that live on in my minds eye. The ones I was fully present for. The ones I truly lived without my lens.

Guest Post.

Rachel Korinek _ Two Loves Studio Why A 30S Moment Doesn't Happen Through a Camera Lens-1-4Rachel Korinek is a successful Melbourne-based Food Stylist & Photographer. Her work has been featured in many books and publications such as Broadsheet and Huffington Post.

You can visit Rachel’s professional portfolio here or drop by her sensational blog Two-Loves Studio where she shares her mutual loves of food and photography.


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