Heading for 2016. But first our favourite 2015 moments.

2015 will always retain special memories for us as the year Thirty Summers was launched. Perhaps a little akin to that perpetual bond with a first-born child. Not that you ever love one child over another of course!!

Some 2015 Numbers.

I’m an ex-arts student so numbers tend to be an anathema to me but I’m told some of you find them interesting. If you are one of these numbery-types then behold. For your numeric pleasure, some numbers…

  1. We launched live on the Inter Webs on March 17, 2015. Sadly Sir Tim Berners-Lee (Inventor of the WWW) was a no-show. No matter, I wore his party hat for him.
  2. More than 500 people entered to win our Launch Competition. No wonder, the prize was a magnificent Walking Tour on the Amalfi Coast. In October we followed along vicariously, and slightly jealously, as our winner Christie shared her amazing experience with us on our Facebook page. (By the way stay tuned for our upcoming 1st Anniversary competition. More details soon in our Newsletter)
  3. Most visits on a single day. On May 12 3,279 people decided to visit Thirty Summers and we thank them for it. Some have even been back ūüôā
  4. Who visits us? Well so far 29% of our visitors are from Australia (makes sense, so are we), 20% from the USA, 4% from the UK and 3% from both Canada and New Zealand. We have many readers from France and Germany too so we must say a big Merci and Danke to them. Also thanks to the one person from the Faroe Islands that popped by.
  5. Our Social Media Community. We post much more frequently on social media. Not just the content that we create but what we love and think is worth sharing. Currently our Thirty Summers’ Community numbers around 1400 on Facebook, 3000 on Twitter, 200 on Instagram and my immediate family and next door neighbour on Pinterest.

Our Purpose.

I started Thirty Summers as a place to come and escape ordinary any day, any time. It is 100 percent about life outside of the office, free from business-isms and modern-day pressures. A place where our ducks will never be in row and where mundanity is a swear word.

The title of this blog has a very personal story behind it which I relay in more detail on our About Us page. In essence though the phrase Thirty Summers equates to Carpe Diem in meaning and our purpose is to enable you to escape to an Online environment where you can sidestep same-same or take a break from normal everyday routine.

Our Posts.

To round out the year we have hand picked a¬†small assortment of posts from 2015 that ‘stood out’ to us for various¬†reasons:

Our very first Post. 17 March, 2015.

From Cancun to Castlemaine. Turning a dream into reality.

Our first post was the story behind the creation of this blog and the raison d’etre of Thirty Summers. The journey begins in 2013 in a beach bar in Cancun…¬†¬†Read More.

Our most viewed Post.

Sharing a hidden village in Burgundy.

France is my favourite country to visit. I love the culture, the laissez-faire attitude to life, the cuisine and the history. I particularly love the history. Earlier this year I shared my favourite, very little-known village nestled in Southern Burgundy. In fact if you visit in spring or autumn you may even be lucky enough to explore it by yourself. Click¬†here to read the post and find out more about my favourite French village…

Our most ‘liked’ Post.

In 2015 I really got back into photography. Life had gotten in the way, as it so often does, but it really was remarkably easy to throw off the shackles and actually take some snaps again. So one day I just slung the SLR over my shoulder and went out and photographed my neighbourhood. It turns out that you don’t have to travel far to escape ordinary. This post was the result. View the post and photos.

My Square Mile. The one mile around my house in photos.

Editor’s Pick.¬†

I have chosen this post because it garnered the most comments and generated the most discussion of any of our posts this year. And that is just fantastic!! You see my hope is that Thirty Summers may become a genuine community of interaction and conversation where our posts are only the ‘starting point’ for further conversation. Please see below a synopsis of the post.

IMG_6982-3 web
“I looked up, I never look up, I’ll look up more often”

I had an epiphany of sorts whilst I was at the park with my young son this year. I realised that I should stop trying to measure, benchmark and validate my life so much and just LIVE it. It all came about in the most amazingly simple way. I looked up. Read what happened next.

Here’s to 2016.

Whether you are a New Year’s Resolutions type bod or not I just thought I’d share a quote below that I love. I am using it as a focus and to help me channel my energies towards having an amazing 2016. It is a quote from JFK.

Have a very happy New Years Eve and here’s to a prosperous and healthy 2016.

If not us, who?

If not now, when?


^ All images © Saxon Templeton




Travel is my passion and also my career. I’ve spent my entire working-life in the travel industry with roles as diverse as tour guide, travel agent and marketing manager for some of the worlds largest travel brands. My favourite city in the world to visit is NYC and France is my most beloved country to explore. I travel to learn and observe to understand always with camera in hand.

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