See you in a month. I’m off to Escape Ordinary.

I’m going Off-Grid.

Not the hunt-your-own-food/ no electricity version rather a self-imposed Internet off-grid. No data, no posts, no social media and most gloriously no emails! I’m off to the country for a month of unwind and power down, literally.

Off to Escape Ordinary.

The purpose and mantra of this blog, Thirty Summers, is to encourage our readers to escape ordinary and now, as its editor, I am off to practice what we preach. Three weeks, just over, in a small cottage in beautiful regional Victoria. No airports, no transfers, no wake-up calls. A new type of travelling for me and I can’t wait.

The hamlet I am staying in is called Yandoit and has a main street but no shops. I am staying in an old renovated church which has been gloriously refurbished. God needn’t be grumpy though as it’s not a ‘real’ church any more. (You see I’ve heard he knows about a few things I got up to when I was younger).

My itinerary consists of a whole lot of not-too-much.

I do have some loose plans but they are looser than the elastic in a favourite pair of old track suit pants. Broadly speaking my ‘plans’ include…

Exploring, photographing, relaxing, staring & listening, discovering, hiking, stargazing and music

Yes music. You see once-upon-a-time PK (Pre kids) I had a home recording studio which is now one of my beautiful children’s rooms. My gear has been banished for years into attics, cupboards and crawl spaces. Anywhere where the chance of retrieval without breaking ones neck was low. But said lonely gear is coming with this author to the church. A second coming if you will. My acoustic ‘axe’ is freshly strung and eagerly awaiting departure.

Here she is. Awaiting our escape.
Here she is. Awaiting our escape.

A ’30 Summers’ break.

The entire premise for this blog was hewn from weekend getaways that my best friend and I started undertaking about four years ago now. Just one or two days away from the stresses and pressures of modernity. Low-key, restorative getaways that delivered us back to our everyday lives refreshed and invigorated.

Starry night. A restful 30 Summers retreat in rural South Australia, 2013
Starry night. A restful 30 Summers retreat in rural South Australia, 2013

A 30 Summers break entailed basic accommodation, the companionship of a close friend, outdoor activities such as hiking, lots of photography and plenty of time spent under a verandah in contemplation and conversation. There would be BBQs and beers and a positive Esprit de Corps.

You can read more about how these ‘breaks’ inspired Thirty Summers dot com by viewing our about page or see one of our previous 30 Summers getaways in the one minute video below.

You don’t have to travel far to Escape Ordinary.

Part of the appeal of this upcoming holiday is the lack of an itinerary and a dearth of plans.

This time a phone app won’t buzz and vibrate to let me know if my plane is on time or not. I won’t pick the wrong queue at the airport security screening. I won’t curse at how a continental breakfast of bread and cereal could possibly cost $28 per person nor will I ponder just how ubiquitous and mundane the freeways to and from airports around the world are.

A moment of reflection on a previous 30 Summers break
A moment of reflection on a previous 30 Summers break

No I will be sat on my posterior gazing out at bucolic pastures with a glass in hand. Or perhaps out amidst native Australian flora on a hiking expedition. Possibly with my SLR camera in hand capturing the sights and sounds of a local Farmers Market. Or simply chilling and listening to one of my bespoke music playlists. About the only thing that I actually have pre-planned.

See you in December.

I should have much to report. Photos to share and stories to recant. Don’t miss me too much ok? I’ll reply to any comments upon my return. So now I must away and begin my blogging-cold-turkey.

See you in a month. I’m off to Escape Ordinary.

See you in a month.
See you in a month.

Author’s note:

Upon telling my eight-year-old daughter that I am going to stay in a place with no Internet she looked aghast and said.

“How Terrible!”


Travel is my passion and also my career. I’ve spent my entire working-life in the travel industry with roles as diverse as tour guide, travel agent and marketing manager for some of the worlds largest travel brands. My favourite city in the world to visit is NYC and France is my most beloved country to explore. I travel to learn and observe to understand always with camera in hand.

4 thoughts on “See you in a month. I’m off to Escape Ordinary.

    1. Haha. Here-in the beauty of human nature. I can’t wait. My long neglected music will be the beneficiary. If it’s not too horrendous maybe I’ll even pluck up the courage to share a track here when I’m back 🙂 Thanks for your comment. Vive le difference!

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