Tuscany in pictures. Part One: Landscapes.

My daughter is going on a school trip to Italy in 2017 and I don’t know about her but I am already counting down the days!

I miss it. I miss it so much.

Greens and golds.

Alongside the cornucopia of other attractions such as the chaotic cities, restful villages, delicious food and photogenic landscapes it is Tuscany that is my main draw card to return. She is a destinational muse beckoning me to return. Her beguiling charms are many and varied but for me it is the bare beauty of fields beneath bubbling afternoon clouds that I can’t resist.

Green and gold fields bedecked with pastel and ochre farmhouses. Pastoral and serene.

A place I will return to. A place I will plonk myself and family in a Tuscan Villa where daily activity will consist mostly of reading, swimming, relaxing, gazing with perhaps the odd excursion to a local village for a look and provisions.


It’s fair to say that I ‘enjoy a chat’. Often my posts can be 600 to 1000 words in length. You see I enjoy writing very much but as I get older I also realise that there are other times where no-words are best. This post is such a time. Less is more.

I hope you enjoy these images but also realise that they are only a lens on life.

Roll on 2017! 🙂

More Information.

Tuscany Tourism website.

Tuscany in pictures. Part Two: Villages.

Tuscany. Landscapes. A Gallery. (Click an image to expand)

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I'm passionate about travelling, music, photography, blogging, 'Social Anthropology' (the posh term for people-watching) and creating content. I travel to learn and observe to understand. My dream day would look something like this.... A bottle of red (or two), fresh baguette (or two) & wedge of Camembert (or two), a balmy Paris September eve spent people-watching in fine company on the banks of the Canal St Martin.

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  1. Bipolarbrainiac

    Traveling is hard with mental illness and co occurring from side effects. This is why I read the New York Times every day. They have such a good travel section!!! Beautiful Photos. Husband says Animals is being re released. Is true?


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