Matt Adnate Biography. Melbourne Street Artists series.

The urban art of Matt Adnate, painting under the moniker of just Adnate, started appearing on walls around Melbourne in 2011. This born and bred Melburnian street artist instantly possessed a signature style to his work. It didn’t take long, as this Adnate biography will show, for his name to become well known within the Melbourne street art circles.


One of Adnate’s earliest works. 2011.

Matt Adnate goes AWOL.

Around 2012 Adnate became part of the much revered AWOL Crew who were prolific in the Melbourne urban art scene and included other the talented street artists Lucy Lucy, Slicer, Deams, Itch and Li-Hill. There were many ‘colabs’ by Adnate and his fellow AWOL Crew members around the inner suburbs of Melbourne across the next couple of years.

It’s fair to say that from 2012 Adnate’s fame started to outstrip that of the Crew itself and more and more he painted solo and increasingly became sort out for commissions by individuals and brands alike.


His work often featured bold use of blocks of colours with very life-like and realistic portrait characterisations, often in the style of Renaissance painters such as Caravaggio.

Without doubt one of his most high-profile commissions is still high above Hosier Lane in the CBD of the city. The Lane is Melbourne street-art-central and the work was commissioned by the City of Melbourne itself.


Hosier Lane.

The ultimate validation that street art per se was coming out of the shadows in this city and being embraced as part of our culture. Adnate appeared on the main ‘nightly news’ bulletins as he was painting which came as a bit of a shock. It truly cemented however how in-demand and popular he had become.

Aboriginal paintings.

In September 2013 Adnate visited a remote aboriginal community in the Northern Territory as their guest. It is clear that his time spent with this community had a deep and long lasting effect on him.


Many of his most revered works post that visit feature the likeness of the people he met and interacted with during his stay there. Furthermore he has also contributed back financially to this community as you can see in this short video.

A street art success story…

Adnate stands as one of the world’s most recognised street artists. In demand across the globe for commissions and gallery appearances alike. And with that in mind it’s an absolute pleasure that still from time-to-time you can see one of his artworks appear and beautify some ugly Melbourne wall or derelict edifice. Whether it be with a solo work or more likely a colab with another artist or the AWOL crew. I personally consider it a privilege to view his work.


Fitzroy. Matt Adnate always signs his works surname only.

Adnate Biography. More Information.

Adnate on Instagram

Adnate’s website.

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  1. Maria Mazzeo

    Just saw what u did with the silo’s in wester Australia. Magnificent artwork. You have turned ugliness into beauty.
    Please continue to covert the ugliness on our land to magnificence.
    Superb,,,, can’t stop staring at your beautiful work and overwhelmed how it changes the landscape.
    Regards Maria

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