A ‘Spring’ in my step [A Gallery]

I’d had enough of winter…

Pleasingly I had actually enjoyed some of winter. It had been quite mild and I had acquired a new, more positive, attitude toward the season I used to loath with a passion. (In fact I wrote a post about this paradigm shift)

However it was time for winter to go away.

1 September, 2015.

And so it was that the first day of Spring in Melbourne dawned and it was, as we say around these parts – “a cracker”! Blue skies and blossoms beaconing to be photographed. Would have been rude not to!

So I slung the DSLR over my shoulder and went for a saunter around my local environs to see what I could see. I live only about four kilometres from the CBD of Melbourne, a city of over four million inhabitants, in a suburb called Brunswick.

Brunswick. Urban & Bohemian.
Brunswick. Urban & Bohemian.

There’s always plenty going on around here and you need to carefully pick your way past hipster whiskers for fear of being cut. It’s urban and vibrant and a perpetual canvas for someone like myself very much in to street photography.

I even took a pen and paper with me on my wander to undertake a ‘review’ of the first six months of this blog – Thirty Summers – in a nearby park.

My six month review
My six month review

In fact as a result of that review, undertaken upon my grass desk (pictured above), I actually made the decision to move the blog from my self-hosted web platform here to WordPress.com. It’s one of the better decisions I’ve made I have to say as the community here is amazing.

Maybe I should work at a grass desk more often?

The first day of Spring, 2015. A Gallery. [click an image to enlarge]

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I'm passionate about travelling, music, photography, blogging, 'Social Anthropology' (the posh term for people-watching) and creating content. I travel to learn and observe to understand. My dream day would look something like this.... A bottle of red (or two), fresh baguette (or two) & wedge of Camembert (or two), a balmy Paris September eve spent people-watching in fine company on the banks of the Canal St Martin.

6 thoughts on “A ‘Spring’ in my step [A Gallery]

  1. This makes me miss the cherry blossoms in Washington DC! I don’t think I’m really a fan of spring .. even though that is quite literally my name’s translation and my birth date. Too much rain! Maybe I should be named Autumn. 🙂

    1. Both lovely names if you ask me 🙂 I think I would take Spring over Autumn only because it means that there is still about eight months of great weather ahead unlike autumn. That said I don’t get hayfever which I know is a terror for many people. Would love to see those DC blossoms. I’ve never been so a good excuse to go hey!

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